Why do I have to wait to be verified?

Waldoo takes pride in vetting both the influencers and brands that apply to our platform. We want to ensure that all influencers have real followings as well as content that makes a business proud to be affiliated with them. We take a look at past posts and interactions of everyone to make sure they are a great fit for Waldoo. In order to be an influencer on Waldoo we expect real value to be provided when work is done for the businesses who chose to use our platform to grow.

We want to be sure that all businesses/brands that come on board are legitimate and want to form a mutually beneficial relationship. While we understand many are new and might not have a huge web presence, we do our due diligence of researching the company, those affiliated with them, and even go as far as speaking directly with the company to be sure they will be a good fit and our influencers will have a pleasant experience working with them!